About Us



Ed4Sci LLC is a Brooklyn based organization, focusing on educational enrichement activities for  children K - 12 grade. We seek to introduce the children to the wonders of science in a fun and engaging way, with the hope that we could ignite curiosity and enhance  their skills and scientific knowledge. 



We are an enthusiastic and creative group of professionals eager to bring out the best in each student

  • Tania: Co-Founder, Software Engineer & Project Manager
  • Katherine: Co-Founder a veteran of Public School, Academic Coach
  • William: Co-Founder, Computer Doctor for 30 years, technology troubleshooter
  • George: Co-Founder, Industrial and Exhibit Designer
  • Andy: Co-Founder Ph.D, in Physics, MIT & Harvard
  • Angel & Pratham: Instructors & Robotics Wizards, 


  • Brooklyn Public Library - Community Partner
  • Girls Who Code
  • Reading Partners
  • City University  - City Tutor
  • Sugar Hill - Housing Project - Homework Club