Welcome to Ed4Sci Inc


Formerly known as Teens4sci LLC, Ed4Sci Inc  provides educational enrichment activities for  children  and adults.

About the program

What you'll learn


Learn to control the robots via computer programs and participate in fun challenges. We provide all materials including robotic kits and tablets. You can chose one of the two courses below or come and have fun with both.

  • Ozobot robotics  for ages 8+
  • Lego  Mondstorms for ages 10+


Learn basics of electricity and circuit components, assemble electric circuits, build working projects and conduct fun experiments. No soldering is required. We are using safe, low voltage batteries, not the standard AC voltages. 

Space Exploration  

Curriculum is based on national educational programs created by NASA and  Lockheed Martin to inspire the next generation of space scientists.  Educational videos and fun role playing activities will show how  spacecraft and and space missions help us better understand our solar system and improve our lives on earth.